The Last Paradise

La Gran Chiquitania - "The Great Chiquitania" - is one of South America's last undiscovered paradises. A vast, hidden land of quiet, pristine natural beauty, blessed with a unique culture and a fascinating history, it encompasses six provinces and is like no other place on earth. Slumbering in the remote eastern plains of Bolivia's Santa Cruz Department, serene in its austere charm, the Chiquitania remains largely forgotten by the outside world. It is a refuge and a delight for the traveller who seeks the elusive final frontier.

If you're bored with the same old places, or new ones with the look and feel of ones you've visited already, if you want something new, unique, and far away from everything and everyone, if you want to go and see places no one else has or will, and perhaps touch a few lives for the better in the process...the Chiquitania is for you.


Road towards San Ignacio
Altar angel: San Miguel
Rooftop cross: San Xavier
Courtyard: Concepción

There's no one in your rear view mirror in the Chiquitania. You'll probably go the rest of your life without meeting anyone who's made this trip...but many who'll wish they had. There aren't many places left on this earth you can say that about. So if you want the trip of a lifetime, one that will change you and your view of the world and the people in it forever, the Chiquitania is for you.

There are still beautiful places on this earth. Far removed from the madding crowd and well worth going out of one’s way to visit. The Chiquitania is one of these. Come see.



Wooden angels in the "Mestizo-Baroque" style after those found in the Jesuit missions of Chiquitos